pxManual is an Eclipse plugin that allow to write documentation in a single referential and then to generate it automatically in 3 different formats

  • Word document (requires pxDoc)
  • HTML pages
  • Eclipse documentation

The Reference Guide of the pxDoc tool has been written with pxManual: the same referential is used to generate the online documentation, the PDF guide and the documentation in Eclipse.



pxManual can be installed from the following update-site.

  • First make sure that pxDoc is already installed to be able to generate the Word documentation. If this is not the case : download pxDoc

  • In Eclipse, choose Help -> Install New Software... from the menu bar and Add....
  • Insert the http://www.pxdoc.fr/updates/pxmanual/releases URL.
  • Select the pxManual and its sources (to be able to taylor the tool) and complete the wizard by clicking the Next button until you can click Finish.
  • After a quick download and a restart of Eclipse, pxManual is ready to use.

Quick Start

A very simple specific language has been created to manage pages, sections, description of keyword (incl. table with attributes).


Have a look at the simple code below: the keywords are simple, and the outilne (on the right) allow to navigate easily in the documentation.

With this code, youwill get this html page:


...and about the same result in Word, according to the stylehseet you use.

 Generate the Word version of the documentation

To generate the Word document, right-click in the pxmanual file and select the pxDoc menu:


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